Auto Accident Statistics

asphaltAuto accidents can bring about distress, often leaving victims with injuries that prevent them from attending to their normal chores for months or leave them incapacitated for life. Auto accident statistics show that Americans from the ages of 1-34 are more likely to die from a car accident than from anything else. One the other side of the coin, elderly adults aged 75 and above are the most affected by car crashes. In the recent past, fatalities of children under the ages of seven have dropped considerably thanks to the safety seats. Pedestrian deaths have also reduced by 1.9%.

Below is a list of auto accidents statistics according to the Department of Transportation’s National Highway Traffic Safety Administration. Bear in mind that these are rough estimates since a good number of auto accidents go unreported.

  • On average, more than 7,000,000 million car accident happen every year
  • In 2005 more than 50,000 fatal car accidents were reported. This was the highest number of accident in one year in that decade
  • Over 2,500,000 people are injured as a result of auto accidents with an estimated 1,800,000 of those injured being incapacitated for life annually
  • The highest rate of accident is reported in kids aged 16-20 years
  • Close to 40% of fatal car accidents are brought about by drunk driving
  • Large truck accidents account for about 8% of the fatal accidents
  • The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration reported that there were approximately 30,797 fatal accidents in 2009.
  • Most car accidents happen on Saturdays, averaging 6,750 accidents
  • The day of the week with the least number of accidents is Tuesday. An average of 3,800 accidents are reported on this day
  • Most accidents happen between midnight and 3.30 am daily
  • Normal weather conditions have the highest rate of fatal auto accidents. In 2009 alone 13,508 fatal accidents were recorded when the weather was normal
  • In the same year, 1,657 fatal accidents were recorded under rain and snow weather conditions
  • Texas and California have the highest number of accidents in the United States
  • A study conducted over a five year period showed that more than 25% of all car drivers were involved in auto accidents
  • Most auto accident are caused by poor driving not in the United States alone but world over. Other factors that contribute to car accidents in one way or the other include
  • Mechanical Issues – Mechanical problems account for about 5% of all auto accidents. The most common mechanical faults include total brake failure and worn out or under inflated tires.
  • Road Design and Maintenance – While road design doesn’t account for a large number of car accidents, blocked signs, blind turns and temporally diversions because of constructions can lead to occurrence of fatal accidents.
  • Poor Driver Performance – Over 80% of all auto accidents are brought about by poor driver performance. Factor like speeding, ignoring traffic signals, not using turn signals , not yielding the right of way and cell phone conversations contribute significantly to fatal car accidents.
  • Most car accidents are preventable if drivers observed basic traffic rules. Remember that the chances of being involved in an auto accident increases by up to 50% as the sun goes down.

Drunk Driving Statistics

whiskeyCareless driving and driving under influences have become one of the ways from which most people died in recent ten years. Drunk driving statistics are year by year becoming slightly smaller which is a good sign, but there are simply too many reckless drivers who are putting everyone into under danger by driving under influence of alcohol. According to the study of NHTSA in 2013 there have been more than 35,000 of people that have died in traffic crashes all over United States, which is simply a staggering amount of people. From these 35 thousand victims, there have been more than 12,500 of people who have died in crashes that were related to drunk driving, which means that alcohol has resulted in more than 34% of traffic deaths in USA that year.

Drunk driving statistics

According to the reputable statistics on drunk driving, there has been estimated that in 2013 there were three people which were killed in drunk drive fatalities for every 10,000 Americans. Since NGTSA has officially began to record alcohol related informations in 1981, wholesome drunk driving accidents where someone died have decreased by 54%. NHTSA stated in their official reports that there have been more than 275,000 people in 2003 which were injured in the alcohol related accidents.

And, since Century Council has started to fight drunk driving and anything related to it, wholesome fatalities caused by drunk driving have declined for more than 35% in 1991, which was a relatively good progress that made a lot of positive changes onto driving safety.  The main reason behind the fact that there are less drunk driving accidents is simply in the fact that today’s cars are far safer, since they are equipped with various air bags and other safety features, and also there are more rigorous laws which forbid these types of DUIs.

Bureau Of Justice has also stated their official statistics that have estimated that in 1996 there has been more than 1,468,200 arrest all over the nation for driving under alcohol influence. This accounted for more than 10% of arrest for all the crimes in USA this year.


Drunk driving fatalities statistics

NHTSA defines fatal collision as alcohol related one, if they are fully aware that the driver had BAC of 0.01% or higher. Non fatal collisions defined by NHTSA are the collisions in which accident report indicated that there is a certain amount of evidence of alcohol present in that case. It is estimated that there was 17,941 fatalities in 2006 which were closely related to alcohol, and that represented overall 40% of total traffic deaths in United States. There were approximately 21,000 fatalities caused by drunk driving in 1982. Number of 12,500 fatalities in 2013 is still to much, but it is also a great improvement in the last 30 years.  Over the last 10 years, the wholesome rate showed us a 3% of variation, and simply no trend. NHTSA stated in their official reports that there have been more than 275,000 people in 2003 which were injured in the alcohol related accidents. There will probably have to be even stricter laws in future few years to decrease rate of alcohol accidents even more.

Tips on How to Find a Good DUI Attorney

bottleFinding a competent DUI attorney can be quite a challenge since there are numerous professionals in this particular field who claim to be the best. Certainly, a good DUI lawyer can assist in reducing penalties and charges against you. In addition, this attorney can defend you strongly in the courtroom until come out victorious. Therefore, it is crucial to take enough time and perform a careful research so as to find the best legal representation for DUI charges. Below are tips on how to find a good DUI attorney.

Ask for referrals

Get referrals from friends and family who have hired a DUI lawyer in the past. Getting recommendations from trusted people will ensure that the lawyer is tried and tested. Most people will not recommend a lawyer if they were not satisfied with his/her services.

Moreover, you can carry out an online search for the best DUI attorneys in your area. After finding some information on them, you can proceed to make a comparison of their strengths and weaknesses. This is a great way of finding the best DUI attorney within the shortest duration.

Check his track record

When searching for a DUI lawyer there are some basic questions that you should ask them. Primarily, find out the lawyer’s track record on DUI cases. Inquire the number of DUI cases they have handled and how successful they were. You certainly wouldn’t want an attorney will a low success rate. Try and find a legal professional who has won multiple drunk driving cases.

Level of experience

Another important question to ask a potential candidate is their level of experience in representing DUI cases. It is wise to select an attorney with an extensive background in handling DUI’s and someone with vast knowledge of the area. Some rules and regulation relating to DUI’s are quite complex and that is why it is vital to get an attorney who is highly knowledgeable.


You should consider the academic qualifications of a prospective attorney. Selecting an individual with an excellent educational background is quite advantageous. Such a lawyer is probably sharp and intelligent enough to argue your case in a compelling and articulate manner as opposed to those with a poor educational background.

Reputation of the lawyer

Reputation is among the most important issues to look into thoroughly if you intend to find a competent DUI attorney. A highly regarded attorney will certainly command respect and admiration in the courtroom, hence his/her opinion holds much weight. You can establish the reputation of a DUI attorney by asking the local people or checking with the local associations.


Most people overlook personality when finding a lawyer. Everybody wants to hire a reasonable and confidence person. Therefore, it is prudent to book an appointment with the lawyer you’re interested in so that you can find out how he relates with clients. During the meeting, observe his/her ability to negotiate confidently, if the lawyer convinces you on some issues then he/she might be suitable for the job.


Find out how much each attorney charges upfront. This is because DUI lawyers have varying fees depending on their services. Having pricing details on different lawyers will assist in making comparison prior to making your decision.

Evidently, it takes efforts and time to find the appropriate legal help. However, taking your time to get a fine DUI attorney is worthwhile. If you carry out some research and ask the right questions you be in a better position to choose the best lawyer and hopefully get a positive outcome.

Michigan Super Drunk Driving Law

drunkThe Michigan Super Drunk driving law came into effect on October 31st 2010. The law increased the penalties for persons convicted with excessive Blood Alcohol Content (BAC). If you’re convicted under this legislation, your driving privileges are highly compromised not to mention that you in effect lay on the line your present job and any future employment opportunities. You also risk creating a permanent criminal record in your name. In case you’re convicted you may be required to seek the services of an expert and experienced lawyer so as to have the charges reduced or totally dismissed. Disposition for a lesser charge of reckless driving would be one of the options available to a lawyer so as to have the charges reduced or completely dropped. However, to bring forth evidence that may be used favorably on your behalf in the court of law, you may have to undergo thorough scrutiny of your field sobriety in addition to other chemical analysis.

What exactly is Michigan Super Drunk Law?

This is a piece of legislation that applies to drivers who have not been convicted with a Driving Under the Influence (DUI) offense for the past seven years nabbed operating a motor vehicle with a Blood Alcohol Content (BAC) of 1.7 %or more. Drivers with a prior conviction within seven years face a much stiffer penalty, even harsher than those for an ordinary super drunk charge. A driver who is facing a typical drunk driving case with a BAC below 1.7% could face up to a maximum of 93 days behind bars. The maximum jail sentence for a Super Drunk case is 180 days! This is almost double the number of days for a typical drunk driving case. The length of a driver’s license is also increased. For a typical driving case a judge may order you to 30 days without driving and a further 150 days of restricted driving. For a Super Drunk, there is no driving for 45 days and an additional 320 days of restricted driving. However, any driver charged with Super Drunk driving must have an ignition interlock installed for the entire period of restricted driving which is not the case with the traditional drink driving charge.  For more information, contact a criminal defense attorney in Lansing, Michigan.

The fines for a Super Drunk are $200 – $ 700, an increase from the traditional drunk driving fines which are $100 – $500. Apart from the hefty fines, a Super Drunk is required to undergo a compulsory alcohol rehabilitation of a period of not less than one year. Basically this law doubles penalties for a traditional drunk driving. The punishment that is associated with the Michigan Super Drunk conviction is severe and expensive to say the least. Some quarters argue that this particular legislation is oppressive as well. Critics of the law and defense lawyers have repeatedly questioned it’s effectiveness. With the huge penalties applied upon conviction, you may not only need to higher a good lawyer but also a lawyer who is willing to defend you on a negotiated budget. The authorities in Michigan say that this stringent law was meant to curb the “super drinking” culture which had become very prevalent in this particular State.

Advantages of Hiring an Attorney

signatureLawyers are professionals who can help you out a lot in times when you feel desperate and you feel in a completely bad state emotionally. They are needed for different reasons and the common thing about them all is that they bring their technical expertise to provide protection for you and help you seek and get the justice you desire.

Advantages of Hiring a Lawyer

They bring in their technical expertise when things are not going as you may feel and they make sure they give you the right representation you deserve. They ensure you understand everything and you are in the know.

They assist a lot in giving you peace of mind. A lot goes on when trying to understand the legal system, a lot also goes on when for example you are trying to win a case against someone who harmed you and you cannot seem to be calm. The lawyers step in and they make sure they calm you down and make you understand that all will be well.

They help you save money. When you are trying to claim for compensation and you are trying to follow through your case you end up using a lot of money because you pay people to help you with favors and the favors are usually more than one. Following up a case alone just makes you spend a lot of money and that is why you need a lawyer who understands what is needed and will make things easy for you.

Lawyers help you save time because they reduce the hassle you might experience of having to take a lot of time maybe signing papers and being sent from one spot to the other. Lawyers hasten things for you and they just speed things up because they understand the legal system and hence know every short cut.

Having a good lawyer also gives you confidence of winning any kind of lawsuit you file. Lawyers have a way of making you feel confident and especially when you find one that is really good and has a record of winning all their cases.

Lawyers are deemed sometimes as people who are just in the business of taking money from their clients. People say that they just turn up to represent their clients knowing they are mostly interested in the payment they get from their clients. It actually depends because some of the perceptions that people have of lawyers, though negative have some kind of truth in them. Whenever you are to get a lawyer ensure that you get recognized lawyers that are well known and that have a proven history. Recommended lawyers are the best like the state lawyers because they put their client’s interests at heart.

Contrary to the negative perceptions some people have there are lawyers that are genuine and can even give you service free of charge. The advantages of hiring a lawyer as seen are so many and as long as you get the right representation you will be okay and you will just see for yourself how important it is.